You can choose to enforce SAML SSO for Ally with ADFS for added security. Once setup, users in your organization can use their managed ADFS account credentials to sign in to Ally via Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Follow these simple steps to setup SAML:

  1. Reach out to [email protected] to request a setup questionnaire for ADFS setup.
  2. Return the completed questionnaire, Ally will configure your setup.
  3. Test new login setup
  4. Choose to enforce SAML Only logins or allow additional methods (email).

Sending User attributes

The SAML user attributes in the questionnaire in can be sent via Claim Rules in ADFS as shown below:

1. Email, First Name and Last Name

Add a Claim Rule of type ‘Send LDAP Attributes as Claims’ with the following as the attribute mapping:

2. Name ID

Add a Claim Rule of type ‘Transform an Incoming Claim’ with the following as the settings. This assumes that the Email address is the Name ID.

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