You can choose to enforce SAML SSO for with Okta for added security. Once set up, users in your organization can use their managed Okta account credentials to sign in to via Single Sign-On (SSO). 

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  • Connect SSO to

  • Create an App

There are 2 steps to set up Okta SSO:

Step 1: Connect your SSO to your instance of

Steps to setup SSO ( instructions)

Step 2: Create an App within your SSO


Q. What to do when there is an error message: ‘Sorry, we could not sign you in’?

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A. In addition to the checks mentioned earlier in this document, check if the customer ID defined in the Okta setup is correct. If you are not sure of the customer ID, please reach out to [email protected] to get your customer ID.

Q. Why does the manager's information not get synchronized from Okta to Ally while provisioning new accounts?

A. Check the below options to ensure the manager information is getting synchronized:

  • Check the attribute name defined for passing the manager information – it should be the manager.nameId and its value should be the manager’s email.

  • Check that the below option to force SSO should be enabled. Manager attributes are set via SAML only when force_saml_sso_log_in is enabled.

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