Ally offers the ability to enable a workflow to gain manager approval when setting OKRs. 

The approval workflow provides the managers of the users the ability to regulate how OKRs can be be managed by the respective organization, team and individuals in the organization. There are 4 stages as part of the workflow. This workflow will work independently for an OKR period and OKR type (Organization, Team or Individual).  permissions available for the respective workflow stage

Enabling the Approval Workflow

Admin Tools -> Settings-> OKR Workflow-> Check Approval Workflow-> Save.

Once this feature is enabled an additional option becomes available to block changes to OKRs after approval.

Permissions available for the respective workflow stage

This setting allows for more regulation,  although there is more effort on the part of the objective owner and the managers. Admins should consider this before enabling the feature. 

It is not advisable to enable this setting while you are in the middle of a OKR period. 

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