offers the ability to enable a workflow to gain manager approval when setting OKRs.

The approval workflow provides the managers of every entity level (org/team/individual) the ability to regulate how OKRs can be managed by the respective organization, team, and individuals in the organization.

There are 4 stages as part of the workflow:

  1. Planning

  2. Review

  3. Approved

  4. Closed

Planning and Review are similar and are used to indicate status. For example, an employee might plan out their OKRs, and tell their manager when the OKRs are ready to be looked at. The manager would then set it to the Review stage.

They would then have a discussion to finalize things before the manager moves things to the Approved stage.

At that point, the OKRs are "locked" and can't be changed by the employee. In order for a manager (also called the approver) to make changes, they need to go back and change the status back to review.

Note that the OKR approval is done at the entity level. In other words, the status can be changed for an OKR period, and when viewing an OKR by type (Organization, Team, or Individual). The status cannot be changed when looking at specific OKRs themselves.

Enabling the Approval Workflow

Admin Tools -> Settings-> OKR Workflow-> Check Approval Workflow-> Save.

Once this feature is enabled an additional option becomes available to block changes to OKRs after approval.

Permissions available for the respective workflow stage

This setting allows for more regulation,  although there is more effort on the part of the objective owner and the managers. Admins should consider this before enabling the feature. 

It is not advisable to enable this setting while you are in the middle of an OKR period. 

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