Creating an application link inside Jira is required for enabling users in your Ally organization to easily connect to Jira. This will help users to automatically track their objectives inside Ally based on the progress made in Jira.

To create an Application Link from a self-managed (on-premise) Jira instance,

Step 1: In Jira, navigate to Jira settings (cog icon) > Applications > Application links.

Step 2: In the Enter the URL of the application you want to link field, enter and then click Create new link. Ignore the No response was received from the URL you entered warning that is displayed and click Continue.

Step 3: On the first screen of the Link applications dialog, select the Create incoming link checkbox (1).

It doesn't matter what you enter in the remaining fields (URL, name, type, and so on). This is because we only want to retrieve data from Jira, therefore we only need to set up a one-way (incoming) link from the client to Jira.

Step 4: On the next screen of the Link applications dialog, enter the consumer and public key details for the Ally client. You can get the consumer key and the public key information that goes into this step from here.

Step 5: Click Continue. The application link you created will show in a screen like the following.

You are all setup! Users in your organisation can now connect to their Jira account and create a Jira connection inside Ally. Integrating Jira with Ally allows any updates on linked Jira user-stories or Epics to automatically track progress on Ally OKRs. 

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