Many organization are already tracking OKRs in spreadsheets, let Ally import it for you!

What types of data does Ally import?

  • Ally can import Users, Teams, and OKRs into your Ally account. This can drastically cut down set up time, especially for large organizations. 

What are the steps in the import process?

  1. If you are interested in importing your data into your account let us know at [email protected]
  2.  We will send you the import template(s) of your choice. These include examples of the data structure to help get you started. 
  3. Fill out and return the templates to our support department and we will handle the rest!

How long does the import process take?

  • The length of time it takes to complete an import varies organization to organization depending on complexity. 
  • Factors include size, type of data being imported, and data hygiene. 
  • Most imports can be completed in less than a 1 week.  

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