Ally's Hubspot integration allows you to link OKRs to Hubspot metrics for automatic real-time updates on the progress. Say, for example, you have an objective to increase the number of marketing qualified leads this quarter. You can implement an Hubspot integration to save yourself the hassle of repeatedly going back and forth between Hubspot and Ally to update the progress: Ally will sync the values for you, thus saving time while keeping your OKRs current.

Setting Up

  1. Navigate to Ally’s integrations page through Admin > Integrations.

  2. ‘Enable’ the Hubspot Integration.

  3. Click on ‘New Connection’ and in the popup that follows, sign into your Hubspot account. 

  4. Name your connection and hit ‘Next’ to complete setup

Ally allows you to connect with multiple Hubspot accounts. Click ‘New connection’ to add another instance and use names to differentiate them. These names are displayed to members when they link their OKRs to Hubspot. 

The integration may also be disabled at any time from the ‘Change’ dropdown. 

Using Hubspot Integration

Now that the integration is enabled, your team can link a Hubspot metric with an OKR.

  1. While adding or editing an Objective or Key Result, you should choose to measure success by 'KPI (success metric)'. Please note that at this time, you may only track by KPI, not percentage completed, if you would like to use the Hubspot integration. Go ahead and add the integration.

2. Next, select the Connection, if multiple exist, and select the Hubspot metric you want to track the progress of the objective by. We support tracking by website visits, contacts, support tickets, SQLs, MQLs, opportunities and other metrics available in Hubspot. The time period filter will automatically be defaulted to the objective's start and end date but you can change that to your preference. 

3. You can also optionally select a view to filter by the criteria specified inside an analytics view setup inside the Hubspot portal.

In the example below, we are counting the number of Marketing Qualified Leads inside Hubspot between the specified time period.

4. Hit next to finish and save your OKR. You should now see an Hubspot icon next to the OKR - now Ally will automatically count up the marketing qualified leads. The OKR syncs automatically every hour, but you can refresh it manually by clicking on ‘refresh’.

The colors of the progress bars indicate the status of the Objective. 

  • If the progress is 0-25% less than expected progress at any point in time, the status is Behind (orange)

  • If the progress is over 25% less than expected progress at any point in time, the status is At-Risk (red)

*Note: Due to restrictions from Hubspot, only Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise, or HubSpot CMS subscriptions allow this integration to function.

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