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Open sharing

Transparency is an important key to success with OKRs. Open sharing helps teams align and connect their work to company goals.

Everyone in can see all objectives across the organization by default. 

You can also share your company OKRs outside of – no login required. 

Share OKR reports

To share your top-level OKRs with anyone, find your Sharing URL from the Actions > Share Public URL menu at the top of your Company OKRs view. 

Note: Sharing requires Administrator permissions. Learn more about Roles & Permissions in

You can send this URL to anyone who you'd like to give visibility into your OKRs. Sharing URLs are accessible by anyone with the link, with no login required. 

You can check the "chart view" box to change the default view to chart. This is useful when displaying these links on TVs or projectors.

What's accessible via my sharing URL?

Anyone who visits your sharing URL will see a read-only version of your Company OKRs page. This includes the ability to see all objectives and key results in any time period, with current status (and past scores). 

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