Ally supports multiple levels of hierarchy from department level all the way down to individual teams and functional units. To achieve this setup, you can leverage the teams and sub-teams functionality. 

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  • Team Owners and Administrators

  • Team Owners

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Create a team by navigating to All Teams -> Create a new team or alternatively, Admin -> Teams -> Add Team

In the popup that follows:

  1. Enter a team name.

  2. Designate a team owner from the dropdown.

  3. If this is a sub-team, division or department, select a primary team. 

  4. Enter a team type and more details if required. 

In this example, we will set up a sales territory ‘Central Territory’ under the overarching Sales Department.

To view all sub-teams, navigate to the parent team page and click on the ‘Sub-teams’ tab. sub-teams, you can easily replicate the structure of your organization and see how each department, division and team contribute to organization goals. 

In our Sales example, we can see the status of all our sales territories at a glance and see how they contribute to the Sales Department’s overarching goals.

Team Owners and Administrators 

You can promote or remove any team member as a team owner or admin in the Admin Tools. 

Team Owners

From the Teams section of Admin Tools, select Action-> Edit to update the team owner.

Team Admin

From the Teams section of Admin Tools, select Action-> Manage Members 

Then simply click the Action dropdown to the right of their name and you will be able to edit their member status.

Here's how an Admin can create a Team in Ally:

Navigate to Admin -> Teams -> Add Team.

Alternatively, you may create a team from the sidenav in All Teams -> Create a new team.

Once the team has been created, anyone can add and view Team OKRs.

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