Q: How do I view all the KRs in the objective explorer?

A: Toggle the box in the upper right to switch between viewing only top-level objectives and viewing all KRs. 

Q: How do I view all OKRs?

A: Navigate to the objective explorer and select the ‘All Objectives’ preset view. 

Q: How do I export my data?

A: Use filters to pull up the data you want, then click on Actions -> Export. You will receive an email with a link to download your OKRs as a csv. Remember to uncheck ‘Show only top-level objectives’ if you need the KRs too.

Q: How do I save a view?

A: Save a view for easy access by clicking on Save view in the upper right. Give it a name and select a visibility option. Once saved, you can quickly access this view again from the objective explorer menu.


Q: How do I Rename a view?

A: Rename a saved view by clicking on Actions -> Rename view.

Q: How do I delete a view?

A: Delete a saved view by clicking on Actions -> Remove view.

Q: Who can access my view?

A: That depends on the availability setting you chose when saving the view. There are two options:

  1. Only Me: Only you can access the view
  2. Anyone: Everyone in the organization can access the view

If you need to change this setting, you can do so by clicking on Save view and check ‘Update the current view’. Then change the availability setting and save it again.

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