You can tag your OKRs in Ally to group similar objectives under a common identifier or add an extra level of description. Tags make it easier to search for specific OKRs and generate targeted reports - in this article, we will cover how to add tags, search by tag and use the objective explorer to make reports with the Tags filter. 

In this Article:

  • Adding a Tag

  • Search by Tag

  • Reporting with Tags

Adding a Tag

  1. Bring up the create or edit objective dialog box and select ‘Add Tags’ beneath the objective name. In the text box, type the desired tag 

  2. Add a new tag if it doesn’t exist yet, or select one from the drop-down

  3. You can click on the ‘x’ to delete the tag at any time 

In this example, we are tagging OKRs related to an ‘Annual Event 2019’, the responsibilities for which are distributed across teams and individuals - it becomes strategically valuable to group these related OKRs together.

Search by Tag

Tags are searchable. To search by a tag, click on the search button in the top right and type in the tag.

Reporting with Tags

Use the objective explorer to filter by tag and create meaningful reports and views. 

  1. Navigate to the objective explorer from the main menu and create a new view 

  2. Add the ‘Tags’ filter and select the desired tag

  3. At this point, feel free to add other filters to create the kind of report you need. In this example, we use the ‘Tags’ filter in combination with ‘Last Updated’ to bring up recent progress made toward the Annual Event. 

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