About the Asana Integration

Ally can integrate with Asana projects to automatically update your OKRs in Ally. The OKRs progress is calculated by the number of tasks or subtasks that have been completed in Asana. This integration works for both types of measuring progress: Percentage Completed or KPI progress.

Say, for example, you are a marketer using Asana to work on a customer advisory project. You would set an objective to curate a list of customer executives onboard from different regions. Use the Asana integration to easily keep track of the completed list. Ally will sync the values for you and chart your progress toward the goal, thus saving time while keeping your OKRs current.

Setting up

An admin can set up the Asana integration on Ally. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Ally’s integrations page through Admin -> Integrations.

  2. ‘Enable’ the Asana integration.

  3. Click on ‘New Connection’ and in the popup that follows, sign in to your Asana account. Next, configure Asana connections that can be used by Ally users to link their OKRs and update progress.

4. Click ‘Next’ to finish the setup

Ally allows you to connect with multiple Asana accounts. Click ‘New connection’ to add another and differentiate them using names. These names are displayed to members when they link their OKRs to Asana projects. 

Using Asana Integration

Once the setup is complete, users in your organization can link their OKRs to Asana projects.

  1. While creating (or editing) an Objective or Key Result, click on ‘Add an integration’.

  2. From the list of integrations, pick Asana.

3. Next, select the Connection, if multiple exist, and link a project to the objective. To do so, select the name of the project. 

4. You can further filter the list of tasks or subtasks by selecting tasks assigned to a user or pick tasks with a specific status.

In the example below, we are counting the total number of customer executives who’ve been onboarded based on different segments. We’re tracking the progress by the number of subtasks completed under the main task.

5. Hit next to finish and save your OKR. You should now see an Asana icon next to the OKR - now Ally will automatically count up the finished blog posts. The OKR syncs automatically every hour, but you can refresh it manually by clicking on ‘refresh’.

The colors of the progress bars indicate the status of the Objective. 

  • If the progress is 0-25% less than expected progress at any point in time, the status is Behind (orange)

  • If the progress is over 25% less than expected progress at any point in time, the status is At-Risk (red)

% Completed vs KPI

The difference between % Completed and KPI is with the KPI option you can set a target higher or lower than completing all the tasks in the project. 

As an example: I have a project with 100 tasks that spans the entire year. I may choose to use KPI and set my target at 25 because my OKR period only lasts a quarter. 

I would want to track the completion of tasks but only against the target of 25 not the entire 100 in the project.

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