Feeling a little lonely in your Ally workspace? Teammates are crucial to unlocking the full potential of the OKR process! 

Once you have established your team/sub-team hierarchy in Ally, it's time to start populating those teams with users. With Ally, you have a couple different ways of adding users as a team member:

  1. Use the "Invite Users" button

  2. Through the Admin Dashboard

  3. Auto-Joining and Bulk Invites

FYI: Keep in mind that only admins can invite users and create teams. 

In this Article:

  • Adding Users

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Auto-Joining and Bulk Invites

Adding Users

Invite Users Button (Basic Invite)

The first, and arguably easiest, way to invite users to your instance of Ally, is to use the "Invite Users" button. This button is located in a couple places, but most readily available in the Navigation Bar on the left.

When selecting the "Invite Users" button, you will be presented with a pop-up. This pop-up contains the following fields:

  1. Email Addresses: In this field you can enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite to Ally. You can invite more than one person by separating the email addresses with a semicolon or a space.

  2. Teams (Optional): This field is a dropdown containing a list of all of the Teams that have been created for your Ally account. If you want your new user(s) to be added to an existing team, select one from the dropdown. Please reference the following article if you would like more information on Teams: Creating and Editing Teams and Sub Teams.

  3. Manager (Optional): This field is a dropdown containing a list of all of the Users who have been designated as Managers. If you want your new user(s) to fall under an existing Manager, select one from the dropdown.

After filling in the desired user information, select "Send Invites" to have an email sent with a link to Ally. 

Admin Dashboard

There are two ways to add users to Ally from the Admin dashboard.

Users Tab (Invite)

The first way to add a user from the Admin Dashboard will send the user an email inviting them to your company's instance of Ally. This option is best if you want your user to be notified they have been added to Ally, and be provided with a link that will let them access the site. 

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel from the left hand navigation menu

  2. Select the "Users" tab

  3. Click "Invite Users" from the upper right

  4. Fill out the available fields

  5. Click "Send Invites"

Teams Tab (Invite Optional)

The second way to add a user from the Admin Dashboard will allow you to add a user directly to an established team. 

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel from the left hand navigation menu

  2. Select the "Teams" tab

  3. Scroll to the team you would like to add a member to

  4. Select the "Actions" drop down from the righthand side of the screen

  5. Click "Manager Members"

  6. This will open up a new screen. From here select "Add Members"

  7. Enter the email information of the user you would like to add

  8. Select the "Skip Invitation Email" option if you do not want to send an invite link to the user. (This option might be used if you wish to set up the structure of your teams before rolling Ally out to your business.)

  9. Click "Send Invites"

Auto-Joining and Bulk Invites

If your company is larger, manually sending invites and organizing people into team groups may be more time consuming than your rollout plan is prepared for. In these instances, we have two ways of streamlining the user addition process: Auto-Joining and Bulk Invites.

Auto-Joining Users

Auto-join allows users from your work domain to auto-join your Ally organization when they sign up for an account. This works well for mid-sized teams. 

Enable this setting from Admin > Settings > Signup Mode. 

To enter more than one domain, separate them with a comma.

Bulk Invites

If you have a large team or are trying to add multiple teams and departments, a bulk-invite may be more suitable. Please email us at [email protected] with your request. 


Q: Unable to invite user; it says "This account has been suspended"

A: The error "This account has been suspended" occurs when you try to invite deactivated users to your Ally instance. Instead of inviting them fresh, you need to look for the deactivated profiles, activate them and resend the invites if required.

Q: How do I remove, suspend, or delete a user?

A: If you need to remove a user from your organization, an Admin can suspend or delete their account by navigating to Admin -> Users. Find the user you wish to remove and click Actions -> Deactivate or Actions->Delete.

Suspending Vs Deleting a User

A suspended user will remain visible in Ally, but will not be able to log in. They will remain assigned as an owner of any OKRs they had. They will not be searchable in "All Users", and be listed as deactivated in the "Users" section of the admin tools. You can reactivate a user by choosing Action-> Make Active which will restore their ability to log in.

Deleting a user is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Admins cannot delete a user if they are the current owner of any objective. They will be met with an error message.

Deleting a user will delete all of their activity in the system. After a user is deleted it will appear as though they never existed.

Removing a Team Member

If you are just trying to remove a user from a team, navigate to the team page, select Actions -> Manage Members.

Then Actions-> Remove.

Q: How do I grant/remove Admin privileges?

A: An admin can grant admin privileges to another user by going to Admin -> Users and selecting Make Admin from the Actions dropdown next to the user’s name. You can remove privileges here too.

Q: Why is an Org Admin of my organization, not a Dashboard Owner?

A: The Dashboard permissions list is locked after the creation of the dashboard.

If new Org Admins are added to the Ally instance after the Dashboard was visited, the new Org Admins would not be added as Dashboard Owners as the permissions get locked.

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