Feeling a little lonely in your Ally workspace? Teammates are crucial to unlocking the full potential of the OKR process. Keep in mind that only admins can invite users and create teams. 

Adding Users

There are three ways to add/invite users to your Ally organization:

  1. Basic Invite: Good for small teams and quick set-up
  2. Auto-Join: Good for mid-size teams and working with freelancers
  3. Bulk-Invite: Ideal for large organizations with multiple departments and teams 

Basic Invite

Small team? No problem. Get your organization set up quickly by sending invites. You can do this in three places:

  1. Admin -> Users -> Invite User
  2. Main Menu -> Invite users
  3. All Users -> Invite users  

In the Invite User popup box:

  1. Enter the email address of the team member you are trying to add.
  2. Add the user’s name. 
  3. Assign a manager from the drop-down box if required. 
  4. Once you hit ‘Invite’, they should receive an invitation via e-mail to sign up.



Auto-join allows users from your work domain to auto-join your Ally organization when they sign up for an account. This works well for mid-sized teams. 

Enable this setting from Admin -> Settings -> Signup Mode. 

To enter more than one domain, separate them with a comma.


If you have a large team or are trying to add multiple teams and departments, a bulk-invite may be more suitable. Please email us at [email protected] with your request. 

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