The Salesforce and Asana integrations are finally here! Now you can sync your OKRs with Salesforce reports as well as any of these industry-leading tools and platforms.

The hardest part of an OKR process can sometimes be committing to it. Migrating to yet another tool can be frustrating! That’s why Ally doesn’t force you to switch away from the tools your team loves. Ally integrates with tools like Salesforce and Jira to effortlessly make OKRs a part of your business execution. 

With Ally, you can link your OKRs directly to your team’s day to day activities, whether that comes in the form of a Salesforce report or a Jira Epic. Your OKRs get updated automatically - so your team is keeping up to date on their OKRs without even thinking about it! 

Ally is adding new integrations all the time - check out what’s on our roadmap for 2019 below.

Don’t see an integration with your favorite tool in the works? Feel free to suggest one to our support team at [email protected].

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