Ally is proud to serve organizations big and small - so go ahead and add another team, another department - with just a few clicks, we scale right with you. Teams can be nested, and there are unlimited levels of hierarchy. That’s right: you can track your entire organization’s OKRs from C-Suite level organization objectives to the Finance Team’s objectives all the way down to Karen from Accounting’s individual OKRs, all in one place! 

As OKRs cascade through the levels of hierarchy of your organization, Ally’s attractive reports and dashboards can give you an instant snapshot of how each level contributes to goals further up the ladder. Thanks to the built-in transparency, individual managers can drill down at any time, or look up and see where their work fits into that all-important big picture.

Use the new chart view to help visualize your organization’s OKR alignment. The Chart View lets you see how your organization’s OKRs are structured at a glance. Watch organization-level key results turn into department-level objectives, while department-level key results cascade into team-level objectives and so on. Be careful  - it’s addictive!  

To learn more about chart view, click here.

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