Communication is one of the pillars of a top-performing team, so it should be no surprise that it is also at the heart of a good OKR implementation! Get the conversation started around achieving your goals, identify opportunities and unblock pinch points with Ally’s built-in continuous feedback system, designed to implement OKR best practices.

It all starts with check-ins. Ally will remind your team to check-in on their OKRs once a week (or as specified by your notification settings): regular check-ins keep the OKR gears turning. Think of check-ins as status updates: they are visible to everyone in the organization, so make them concise and informative. 

Your team can like and comment on check-ins. Within a comment, you can use mentions. Simply hit ‘@’ in the comment box to get their eyes on a particular objective or update - fast. Try using mentions to draw attention to problem areas or uncover opportunities. Your two cents can go a long way when it comes to your company goals!

You’ll have one last opportunity to supply feedback: while scoring and closing. Remember that scoring is not an indicator of performance - it reflects whether or not the right objectives and metrics were selected. Here is the perfect opportunity to discuss.

Ally and Slack

If your team uses Slack, you’re in luck: Ally integrates seamlessly with Slack to bring your OKR discussion to your favorite business communication platform. Your team can also make check-ins from right within Slack.

Once a check-in has been made, the Ally slackbot will open a direct message with the assigned manager for further discussion.

OKRs are at their most effective when there is an ongoing feedback loop. So stay on top of the conversation, stay on top of your goals, and work toward them together with a little help from Ally’s continuous feedback system.

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