Regular check-ins are a key part of an effective OKR implementation. OKRs are closely aligned with each other so progress is reflected in parent objectives - creating inaccuracies if they aren’t updated regularly. That’s why it’s helpful to send gentle reminders to your team to check-in on their OKRs. 

Notifications remind your team to check-in regularly. By default, Ally sends a notification to all team members every Monday at 9:00 AM in the user’s time zone, but the notifications can be customized to fit your business needs.

Team Owners and admins can create a custom cadence for reminders for their departments and teams in Admin -> Team Settings. These cadences can differ from the organization-level cadence.

In this section you can set:

  1. Frequency (every one, two, or three weeks, or monthly)
  2. Days on which notifications are sent 
  3. Time at which notifications are sent
  4. Disable notifications for OKRs that have had check-ins in the past x days (select number of days)
  5. Admins or managers of a team can control whether the sub-teams reporting to their team can set their own check-in rhythm or should follow the parent team's cadence.

Once the updates have been scheduled, you will receive the notification in one of the following ways:

  • If a Slack or MS Teams integration has been enabled, the notifications will be sent through one of those platforms.
  • If the iOS or Android App have been installed, you will receive a push notification.
  • If no integrations have been setup, Ally will send a reminder as an email.

Learn more about check-ins and the continuous feedback system here

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