A: If you need to remove a user from your organization, an Admin can suspend or delete their account by navigating to Admin -> Users. Find the user you wish to remove and click Actions -> Deactivate or Actions->Delete. You will no longer be billed for that user.

Suspending Vs Deleting a User

A suspended user will remain visible in Ally, but will not be able to log in. They will remain assigned as an owner of any OKRs they had. They will not be searchable in "All Users", and be listed as deactivated in the "Users" section of the admin tools.  You can reactivate a user by choosing Action-> Make Active which will restore their ability to log in. 

Deleting a user is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Admins cannot delete a user if they are the current owner of any objective. They will be met with an error message.

Deleting a user will delete all of their activity in the system. After a user is deleted it will appear as though they never existed. 

Removing a Team Member

If you are just trying to remove a user from a team, navigate to the team page, select Actions -> Manage Members.

Then Actions-> Remove.

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