A: You can save time making Objectives with the Clone function. 

To copy or duplicate a single objective:

1. Hover over the Objective and select ‘Clone’ from the dropdown on the far right. You can also do this from the Objective page by selecting Actions -> Clone. 

2. A dialogue box will appear allowing you to edit the time period, owner, and the option to copy the objective and key results, or simply the objective.

By default, the cloned Objective with all its key results will appear in the same time period as the original. Please note that progress will not be copied over. 

To copy or duplicate multiple objectives:

1. From your dashboard, choose the Objectives you wish to copy by selecting the checkboxes to the left of the Objectives.

Note: Only open Objectives can be cloned in bulk; objectives that have already been closed must be cloned on an individual basis.

2. Click the "Clone" button in the blue bar that appears above the list of objectives. You can then choose the options from the dialogue box.

Note: The cloning process takes place on the back end of our software, so it will take a short time for the system to produce a clone. The bigger the number of objectives chosen to clone, the longer it will take. Please be patient and do not make multiple attempts to clone the same objective.

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