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Check-ins are updates that team members make to the Objectives and Key Results they are responsible for at a regular cadence. Regular check-ins prompt a constant, rhythmic review of OKRs, which helps your team stay on track, course-correct, make necessary changes to outdated or unachievable Objectives, and most importantly, ensure they are spending time on the tasks that really matter.

The fact that all check-ins are visible to everyone in the organization maintains transparency and accountability in the OKR process.

To make a quick check-in, you can also navigate to the list of Objectives and hover over the Objective or Key Result you want to update. Select the check-in option:

In the Check-in sidebar that appears:

  1. Tell your team what’s the latest on your OKRs: This is the place to contextualize your update with a brief note or comment. Be sure to cover any issues or challenges you're facing as well as the progress you've made; numbers don’t always tell the whole story!
  2. Enter progress: This could be the percentage completion of your task or KPIs met, depending on the metric of success you chose while adding the Objective. 
  3. Flag the overall status: Is your Objective or KR On Track, Behind, At Risk, or have you Not Started yet? 

Keep it short and crisp; the OKR process does not require long-winded explanations on every check-in; you could be spending that time on the tasks that really matter. 

At the same time, remember that anyone in the Organization can read your updates, so add just enough information for them to clearly and quickly understand the status of your Objective.

After you make a check-in, you’ll notice that the statuses and progress of all parent Objectives get updated automatically. This roll-up reflects and maintains the alignment between different levels of OKRs.

One exception is Objectives tracked by custom KPI: Ally can’t know how the progress of the Key Result will impact the aligned Objectives, and hence Ally will not automatically update the progress. It will have to be updated manually with a check-in. 

Likes, Comments, and Mentions

OKRs and ongoing feedback make a great team. Leverage Ally’s social features to foster a culture of ongoing feedback around your OKRs by liking and commenting on your team’s check-ins. To comment on a check-in, navigate to the check-in on the objective page or find it in the feed. Use ‘@’ followed by the name of a team member to mention them in a comment. This sends them an email or Slack (if enabled) notification - perfect for drawing attention to critical updates or opportunities. 

Editing and Deleting Check-ins

If you need to change a check-in or remove one made in error, you may find the check-in on the objective page or feed, and select edit or remove to make the necessary changes. 


Ally sends reminders as notifications via email and Slack. To learn more about check-in notifications and how you can customize them, click here

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