Ally supports three 'types' of OKRs - Organization, Team or Individual. The type of an Objective can be determined when you're adding the Objective.
Adding Organization OKRs

With Ally, you can set Organization level Objectives from the main menu on the left. 

Navigate to the OKRs, and click on 'Create a new objective' to start adding company OKRs.

Creating Team OKRs

Team or Department OKRs on Ally can be set once teams have been setup. To create a Team / Department on Ally, select 'Add Team' under 'All Teams' on the left panel. 

Alternatively, navigate to Admin from the left menu.  Under the 'Teams' tab, add a new team, assign a primary team manager or secondary team manager and add team members. Once created you should be able to see the teams listed on your left menu.

Navigate to any team and click on 'Create a new objective' to start adding team OKRs. 

Creating Individual OKRs

Individual OKRs can be added from the left menu by clicking on the first option titled 'My OKRs'. By default, users land on their OKRs when they log in to Ally.

Editing the type of an OKR

While adding an Objective, you can change type by clicking on the 'Type' dropdown at the bottom-left corner.

You can also edit the type of an Objective from the list page directly. Click on the icon preceding the Objective and change the type from the dropdown.

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