Here are 3 steps for closing out the OKR period:

Assess how things went

Score and close key results of your Objectives using the 'Close' action. When all key results of an Objective are closed, Ally will automatically assign a score for the Objective based on the score of the Key Results. You can learn more about scoring and closing OKRs.

Self Reflection 

Once the Objectives are scored, step back and think about how the quarter went overall. 

  • Which Objectives did I complete successfully? What are the key reasons for succeeding in those?
  • Which Objectives did I struggle to do? What issues did I run into?
  • What lessons have I learned this period that I can apply to how to structure my OKRs in the next period?

Review with your manager and/or team

  • If you are an individual contributor, review your assessment and share your observations with your manager and get their feedback. 
  • If you are a team manager, have 1:1 discussions with each of your team members to review their OKRs and provide your feedback. Close out all team OKRs and review the assessment on the team OKRs with all of your team members. Share your notes on why the team OKRs were given the scores and invite them to provide feedback; and invite team members to share their reflections including what lessons from this period can be applied to next period's OKRs.

Rollover Unfinished Objectives

Sometimes Objectives do not get completed, and that’s okay. Evaluate the Objective to see whether it is still relevant and attainable. If it is, here's how you can easily rollover the Objective to the next time period. 

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