OKR Periods are set up to quarters by default in Ally.io and they are managed automatically by Ally. For example, when a quarter ends and a new quarter begins, Ally.io will automatically set the current period for everyone in your organization to the new quarter. All users can see the period has changed to the new quarter when the "Active Period OKRs" reflect OKRs from the current active period.

As an Ally administrator for your organization, you can manage the OKR Periods and customize them as per your organization's requirements. Instead of the default quarterly periods, you can make it monthly or define a custom time period you want, and removing the default quarterly periods. 

To manage time periods,

  1. Go to the 'Time Periods' section in your admin dashboard. Select and save the month when your planning year starts. It is set to January by default.

  2. Use the 'Add Time Periods' option to add custom time periods.

  3. You set a custom time period as 'Current Time Period' from the 'Actions' menu.

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