This roll-up of status and progress makes it easy to the impact a key result has on its objective and other objectives above that in the hierarchy of OKRs. When objective is tracked based on % completed, Ally will automatically update its progress and status of the objective will be automatically updated based on the progress of the key results. 

Progress of the objective will be average of the progress of its key results. Status will also be based on status of key results. If key results have different statuses (e.g, one of on track and another is at risk), the objective status will be shown as Unknown. 

If all key results are completed, the objective will be automatically be marked as completed and the average score of the key results will become the score of the objective. 

If objective is tracked by success metric, Ally doesn’t know how the progress of the key result will impact of the success metric of the objective and hence Ally will not automatically update the progress. Owner of the objective can do check ins to provide the latest updates; or the objective can be edited and changed to measure success based on % Completed.

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