With Ally's SlackBot, users can take almost any action in Slack that they would in the web application itself. If your organization has Slack integrated with Ally, most employees may not even need to access the web, they can manage their OKRs entirely in Slack. 

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With SlackBot there are Quick Actions as well as Commands and Notifications.

Quick Actions

Quick Actions are buttons within Slack that operate the same way as the web application. Users can make check-ins, see key results, edit, and even score objectives.

When an action is taken in the Slack, it is immediately reflected in the web application for all other users to view. 

Note: Slack will display the status color next to the Objective when it is updated. Status color definition is discussed here.


SlackBot is intuitive and can understand messages as well as receive direct commands. 

SlackBot understands things like,  "Show company OKRs" "Show my objectives" "Show OKRs at risk" "Show [team name] OKRs" "add objective" "checkin" "help" etc.

If you find SlackBot is not able to interpret your message you can use a direct command.

The following commands can be used within your Slack workspace to view, add or update your OKRs.

To list your OKRs, use one of the following commands:

/ally list my okrs
/ally list

To see objectives of other team members, use

/ally list @name's OKRs 

For example:

/ally list @dana's OKRs

To see objective's of a team, use

/ally list <team_name> OKRs 

For example: 

/ally list Marketing OKRs 

By default, objectives listed are for the current period/quarter. To see objectives in other periods, use

/ally list <period> OKRs

For example: 

/ally list @Meena Natarajan's OKRs

To retrieve and focus on OKRs that are behind, you can use one of the following commands: 

/ally list OKRs at risk
/ally list OKRs that need attention

Adding Objectives

To add a new Objective, use the following command

/ally add 


In the popup that appears, add details of your new Objective.


You and your team can make quick check-ins using the following command:

/ally checkin


Choose an Objective, and in the popup that appears, add your status.

NOTE: When a team member adds a new Objectives, or makes a check-in, Ally automatically creates a channel in Slack between them and their manager, creating a private space for them to discuss progress.

To search for a OKRs with a specific keyword, say 'publish', use the following command:

/ally search publish

To limit your search to a time period, use

/ally search publish in Q1 2018

Turn off Notifications

To disable the channel created between user and manager.

/ally off

Ask For Help

To ask SlackBot for help.

/ally help


When the Ally app is integrated in Slack, Ally's weekly notifications will be sent via this method. These notifications can be configured to a specific day of the week and time. Instructions for configuring this can be found HERE.

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